What is Radikal Life?

Radikal Life is a collaborative project: The manual for optimal being-ness, a podcast, and an ideology.

Why the k in Radikal?

It is a vital revolutionary and radikal act to be in harmony and oneness with the self. K has more of an intensity, a charge, more crystallization and sharpness of cutting through. C is cozy, soft, and round. It has beautiful qualities, but K is more radikal.

What’s Radikal Life, the ideology?

Radikal Life, the ideology, springs forth from the concept of Radikal Healing. The concept of Radikal Healing is related to assisting individuals in their discovery back to their “Sat Nam”, the truth of their identity. Many times individuals have experiences in life that take them far away from that innate knowing of themselves.  Radikal Healing is a combination of holistic psychotherapy and other holistic healing methodologies that assists individuals in that transformation, of healing, and ripening, for embarking upon a Radikal Life.
Radikal Life is the vital revolutionary, progressive and yes, radikal commitment to be true to the self in this journey of life. 
Radikal Life is for people who are seeking an optimized experience of being human.

What is Radikal Life, the project?

Radikal Life: The manual for optimal being-ness is a collaboration of leaders in wholeness and wellness coming together to deliver content in a virtual platform related to cultivating optimal beingness. The manual is delivered in 14 modules, each module includes three classes. Most classes are 40 to 60 minutes long, and many have interactive components. The manual is self paced, and you can choose where you want to start, in terms of which module you’re most interested in.

Our 14 modules are: Breathe, Cleanse, Clear, Connect, Create, Do, Intuit, Meditate, Move, Nourish, Rest, Strengthen, Stretch, Think. Our free Radikal Life Starter Kit is a great way to get a feel for each module leader and their work. In addition to the self paced classes in each module, many module leaders are offering one-on-one coaching in a virtual format.

We’ve got a community hub within our virtual platform that offers an opportunity for participants to be in communication and connect with others who are interested in being on this journey of living a Radikal Life. Beginning in Winter 2022, we’ll host monthly Radikal Workshops where you can cultivate a deeper connection to our community by participating in real-time learning with module leaders.

Who was Radikal Life: The manual for optimal being-ness designed to serve?

A Radikal Life looks different for different people. Some people may have a greater need or draw, or pull towards the different modules we’re offering. The manual is what we have crafted through wisdom, experience, and intuitive guidance, it’s full of aspects we feel make up a Radikal Life.

This manual for optimal being-ness is ideal for people who have done some healing work already, either on their own, with a healer, or with a therapist, who are pretty well grounded and feeling stable, but really want to grow into their next iteration of themselves. We’ve found that most people have areas of support and skill building that they still want to cultivate. Our Connect Module leader has described this as progressing from functional to fabulous!

What is the Radikal Life Podcast?

Season One of the Radikal Life Podcast introduces you to our module leaders, to give you a sense of the people behind the content. What happened for them when they were learning the things that they’re teaching? This is an opportunity to dive deeper into the minds, hearts, and lived experiences of our content creators. We believe that our module leaders deeply embody the verb of their module. We’re excited to offer you insights into how they’re putting this into action in their own lives.

The video podcast is available on Spotify and with closed captioning on YouTube. You can also listen on Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Castbox, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Radio Public, and Stitcher. Or you can add us to your RSS feed.